Jetta Driving Ass

From: Mark Zipperer

I have been driving a Jetta since 1999 and at times I have been the biggest [posterior body orifice] on the road. It took me awhile to figure out why and I have since begun to curtail my less than neighborly driving. Here is my explanation.

Prior to Jettas, I drove Rangers because I could always sleep in the back. When I bought my first Jetta I was living in the mountains out West, because every time I drove someplace through the mountains in the Ranger, I always had to have my foot on the floor for half the trip, and I grew quite sick of it. Especially when I had to putt around while all of the drivers would be pulling out in front of me and cutting me off with no power to react. So, I saw the Jetta with v6 178 hp motor as my savior. But to my surprise I quickly became one of those drivers I despised simply because I could be. In the last year or so I have had to make a conscious effort to not become enraged at all the SUV driving-******* and all the other jerks who make my day.

But sometimes I still slip and am tempted to race off the stoplight to make sure that someone trying to pass me on the right in the intersection would have to stop or hit the parked car in their lane.

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