Interesting facts about Car Talk Emails

From: Kevin Greenlees

I don't know if you guys use Gmail or not, but if you do, you know about the ads that appear in the right-hand column on your screen when you view your emails. They're somehow catered toward my interests by analyzing the content of each individual email that I read, noticing key words, and using those terms as filters to bring up relevent advertisements. If I'm reading an email about my credit history, it lists credit reporting businesses. If I'm reading my iTunes receipt, it lists ads for other music download services.

That said, for some reason, when I read my weekly Car Talk Puzzler email, the following list of ads appear.

"Sponsored Links"

Prevent runner's diarrhea
Learn what causes runner's diarrhea
and how to prevent it.

Constipation Info
Find Constipation Causes, Relief ...
Treatments For Constipation.

2008 Car Leases
$160 monthly/no-money down specials
early lease termination options

Bloating Gas?
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Remove Toxins. Try Colon Cure Free.

Now, I get the part about car leases, but runner's diarrhea? constipation?! bloating gas?!? What's going on here guys?

Thought you might find this interesting... or devastating!