An Insincere Invitation

Dear Click and Clack,

Six years ago I filled in a questionnaire on your web site which asked questions about me and the type of car I drove. I was not aware this site was a "personals" site, but a wonderful girl from Shreveport, LA took it as such and e-mailed me through your site. To make a long story short, we fell in love and have now decided to get married.

So, inasmuch as you two are responsible for our future together, we feel it is only fair that we invite you to our wedding which will be held in Palm Beach sometime this March. Think about this - March in Cambridge versus March in Palm Beach. Kind of a "no brainer" even for you two, isn't it?

The wedding should be the smallest in St. Edward Church's history - just us and two witnesses - one of which (my choice) is a mechanic.

So if you will honor us with your presence, please RSVP on the back of a 32" SonyBRAVIA LCD TV, with High Contrast: 7000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, 178 wideViewing Angles, BRAVIA Engine full digital video processing and Built-in NTSC andATSC/QAM tuners.

Sincerely (sort of),

George McDermott
Jupiter, Florida