I Want THIS Job...

MONROE, Mich. (AP)--Mike Pixley can work up a sweat just by sittingdown on the job.

You might say he's the lazy boy of La-Z-Boy Chair Co.

A senior studying aeronautical engineering at the University ofMichigan, Pixley is paid $6 an hour to test a variety of La-Z-Boychairs. In other words, he comes to work, sits down, leans back and thenrelaxes forward.

All day long.

"I think a lot of people think it's easier than it actually is," Pixleytold "The Blade" of Toledo, Ohio.

During the summer of '93--his first with the Monroe-based furnitureMaker--Pixley lost 18 pounds.

"You can work up a sweat after the first hour or two," said Pixley, 20,who reads to dull the monotony. He says his calf and abdominal musclesget a workout.

Since May 1, he has logged 200,000 cycles on one love seat alone. Heaverages about 2,800 deep rocks a day, said test lab supervisor JudyFay.

"He'll do 2.5 million, easy, before we're finished," she said.

Finding the right slacker for the job wasn't easy, said Fay, whose idealhire weighs 180 to 200 pounds and stands at least six feet tall. Faytested about 24 people in the last several years, but few sat around aswell as Pixley.

"I want someone who's self-motivated, who won't get bored, who setstheir own personal goals," Fay said.

David A. Levinthal

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