How the Supreme Court Emulates Car Talk

From: David J. Nathan

Dear Click and Clack,

I thought you would enjoy knowing that you have promoted wider understanding of the inner workings of American jurisprudence. Being a civically minded family, my wife and I took our four boys to Washington, D.C., during Presidents' Week. Our final stop was the United States Supreme Court, where we took in two hours of oral argument before the honorable Court. We were well prepared and reviewed in advance both the procedural format and the legal issues to be argued. As we waited quietly for the Justices to take the bench, I remembered, that from time to time, arguments begin with a member of the Court announcing a decision in a case argued earlier in the term. I leaned over and whispered to Benjamin (age 11) that we might hear one of the Justices go back to a case heard a few months ago and announce the Court's final decision. "Oh," said Benjamin, "just like Stump the Chumps . . . ."