How to Solve City Parking

This appeared in the "Baltimore Sun" on April 16, 2001. I've triedfinding it in the "Sun" online archives to send, and if I can find it that way, I'll send it on so you know I'm not making it up...

How to Solve City Parking

London -- Fed up with a commuter car being parked outside yourhouse? Phone the police, and they will blow it up for you.

A caller believed to be a disgruntled London resident calledpolice recently about a suspect vehicle.

Worried about public safety after a spate of suspected IrishRepublican bombings in London, police responded swiftly byblowing up the car, reported to be a $30,000 Alfa Romeo.

"The vehicle was deemed to be suspicious and steps were taken tomake it safe," a police spokeswoman said.

Sally Rowan

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