How to Remove an Engine

The most amazing thing I have ever seen:

I went to a junkyard one sunny Saturday morning. Isolated in the middle of the junkyard was a single car, with the hood removed, exposing the engine. Along came a large yellow front-end loader, an International Hough, I believe. It stopped in front of the car and the driver, let's call him Ted, climbed out of the Hough. Ted wrapped a heavy chain around the engine and tied the other end of the chain to the Hough's bucket, which was positioned above the engine. Ted climbs back into the Hough, raises the bucket, which, in turn lifts the car by the engine so that it is now at a 45-degree angle to the ground.

Ted leaves the Hough, gets an acetylene cutting torch and lights it. Ted calmly walks under the car engine and uses the cutting torch to cut the motor mounts in a spectacular shower of sparks. When the last motor mount is cut, the car comes crashing to the ground! Ted is now standing in the engine compartment and the engine is suspended above Ted by the chain on the Hough's bucket. Ted turns off the torch, climbs out of the engine compartment and drives away in the Hough with the engine swinging beneath the bucket. Now that is how to remove an engine.

But do not try this at home.


James A. Horne
Wakefield MA

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