How to Recognize a Girl Car

Dear Tom and Ray,

I recently helped my son buy his first car, a beautiful 1991Toyota Camry. Lately it seems I can't go anywhere without seeingthese cars, so I thought that was a pretty good selling point.Anyway, when I told a guy I work with what car my son bought, henodded knowingly and said, "Great car, but it's a girl car." Iknow men are much more hung up on those kinds of things thanwomen are, not just with their cars but in everything they do,say, wear, eat--you name it! It's these ill-defined yetwell-understood principles that keep my husband from ever wearingpink clothes or pleated Dockers, from ever going to the mallalone with another guy. They can go to a bar alone together, butnot a restaurant. And God forbid a guy should drive a girl car!

So, I ask you, since my son has obviously flubbed that one, whatare the criteria by which one can distinguish a girl car? And,while we're on the subject, what other things should my son knowabout this stuff?

By the way, though, don't use my name, because I don't want myson to know I've exposed him...

A. D.

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