Honk If You Believe This!

Ed O'Neill sent the following letter

Dear Click & Clack,

I frequently travel to Albany, NY, on business. On one of my recent trips, I was listening to a local radio station's (WPYX 106.5 FM) morning program.

One of the guests (I think his name was John McLaughlin) demonstrated an amazing ability that I think will be of interest to both you and your listeners. This man has the ability to identify the make, model and year of any automobile merely by hearing the sound of the car's horn.

Listeners of the program were invited to call in and honk their car horn over the phone, and this guy would tell them the make, model, year and sometimes even the COLOR of their car. Out of a dozen or so callers, he identified the make and model on all of them and missed the year only twice--and then was within two years of being correct.

If you ever decide to have a special guest appearance on your show, I'd like to nominate this guy. Unless, of course, the stunt was just a hoax. Then I think we should go up to Albany and tar and feather those rascals.


Ed O'Neill
Dallas, TX