Hemorrhoids on the Increase

Dear Tom and Ray,

It is probably not often that you are thanked for helpingsomeone's business through your advice on Car Talk, but that isexactly why I am writing.

About six months ago, you were helping a caller with a problem withhis Honda. I'm sure you will remember this episode since--surprise of all surprises, you were stumped by his automotive problem. This did not, however, stop you from making recommendations to the caller. If I can recall your words, you suggested that he take his Honda repair manual and go read through it while sitting on the "john."

It is this seemingly innocuous suggestion which has been atremendous boon for my business. You see, I am a colorectalsurgeon, and as most good mechanics (and many of my colleagues)know from experience, performing your research while sitting onthe "john" is an outstanding way to produce gargantuanhemorrhoids. Since your suggestion on the air, I have seen mybusiness grow at a phenomenal rate. In fact, I have begun alittle medical research study to determine if I can tell the makeand model of a patient's car by the size of his hemorrhoids. Justthe other day a poor suffering gentleman came to the office withthe largest hemorrhoids I have ever seen on a young man. I almosthesitated to ask him, but it turns out I was correct--he doesdrive a '92 Plymouth Sundance!

Anyway, I can't thank you enough for your help with my business.My office staff has elected both of you to be honorary cochairmen of our business marketing and development task force, should you desire to participate. We would have written you before, but business has been so brisk since your suggestion to that troubled amateur automotive repairman that I haven't had much time to sit myself. I am so grateful that, shouldyou ever need any "duff remodeling," I would be pleased to offeryou my services at an automotive mechanic's rates.


Dr. Phillip Dean
Colon and Rectal Surgery
Saginaw, MI

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