A "Grammy and the Cake" story - from Ireland

From: Alice Donovan

Hello - Greetings from Ireland!

I was listening to a podcast on my way from County Wicklow to County Galway today. I heard your story about Grammy's cake and thought you'd like to hear this story (or maybe not, but I'll type it anyway!). My nephew's wife took him out for his birthday to a really nice restaurant in Galway city (located in West of Ireland). When they had finished the main meal, a cake was brought out with candles, by one of the staff, wishing him a happy birthday. Both my nephew and his wife were both perplexed... trying to imagine how they knew or who had made the cake. My nephew loves cake so he polished off about half of it.

Anyway, there was another young couple sitting behind them in the restaurant and the girl asked the waiter something and, between the jigs and the reels, it turns out that it was also her boyfriend's birthday and the cake was meant for him! My nephew was mortified and, to make them feel a bit better, he turned round to them and said... "It wasn't that nice anyway..." and the girl said... "I made it myself"!!

The boyfriend took it well and was laughing about it... unfortunately, the girl didn't see it the same way!! My nephew got out of there as quickly as he could!!

By the way, my boyfriend makes me listen to your show every week... it's grown on me!

All the best.

Au Revoir (Slán in Irish)