Fan Mail (If You Can Call It That)

Hey Guys!

Love your show, been listening for years and have managed to get my 9 (soon to be 10) year old hooked on it as well.

Anyway, I think this is a great story! The other day, I had just gotten a new lawn mower and was having difficulty starting it. My 9 year old walked by, stopped and watched Dad mumbling and sweating, then stated, "It's flooded. You got to pull the plug, clean it, dry it and probably regap it. Then try starting it." He then started to walk away.

I stopped him and said, "Hey Tom, what does that mean?"

His reply... "I don't know, but I heard it on Car Talk." Thought you'd like to know... you're molding young minds.

Bob Anderson



Just wanted to let you know you made my 3 month old boy (Joshua) cry this weekend. We were driving and I turned on your show, and he started to cry. When I changed the radio station, he stopped. Every time I tried to put back on your show, because it is one of the best shows on the radio, he started to cry again.

Annapolis, MD


Before I started listening to Car Talk, I knew absolutely nothing about cars. Some months later, I still know nothing about cars, but it just doesn't worry me anymore.


Kathie McCormick

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