Enemy Anti-Aircraft Activity in Northern England

Read by Tommy on the air

Frank Waltos sent the following letter (response sent from mail@cartalk.com).

Dear C&C:

I really enjoy your radio program, have you considered a TV version? You might consider a "show-n-tell" format with people bringing in their problems......anyhow.....I just ran across an article which is both kinda bizarre and spooky when you consider what could have resulted:

Yorkshire (UK) police were jolted from their routine of traffic radar when they apparently began clocking a speeder at 300 mph. It proved to be nomal function as a low-flying Harrier Jet screamed overhead a few seconds later.

When Police officials registered a complaint with the Ministry of Defense about their damaged equpment, the MOD only replied that the damage could have been worse. Much worse.

It seems the Harrier's defense systems had locked onto the radar and had gone into an automatic preemptive strike mode which included locking its missile guidance system onto the radar target, before the pilot decided enemy antiaircraft activity was unlikely along the motorways of northern England.....

I suppose the moral of this tale, is, if you are a cop on radar detail and your readout registers a 300 mph speedster coming at you, tell your feet get going...FAST.

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