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Dear Click and Clack:

As a mother of 4 in a small town, I have successfully managed to survive years of the morning drive to schools and work by following the warning list I have developed. The higher in number you go the more dangerous the vehicle is. Plan on letting these people go first at intersections, turns, and on the highways, as they tend to be unpredictable.


1. Blond
2. Spiral-Permed blond (rule of thumb: The wilder the hair themore unpreditable the driver)
3. Red vehicle
4. Van (If you have a Red van driven by a Sprial-permed blond you should just pull off to the side and let them pass!)

A friend of mine says I have it wrong. He claims the order goes like this:


1. Gray haired man
2. Big car
3. Wearing a hat
4. Big ears

What is your opinion on this? By the way, I have a blond teenage driver who has made it so far without an accident. I tell her not to worry as her hair is darkening with age, and soon she will be a brunette and a good driver!

Keep up the good work!

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