Dougie Berman, Bad Influence.

From: Jill Kobeissi

Dear Tom and Ray:

My teenaged daughter, Minnie, called me after she and her girlfriends attended a New Kids on the Block concert at what shall remain an unnamed casino in New Jersey.

She explained that she had just become "The Casino Fugitive." Turns out, she had been detained by the casino police after using the men's room, because there was a line of 200 women waiting for the ladies room.

The cop entered the men's room and demanded that she desist. Well, she was not in a position to desist at that moment, so when she did give herself up, she was held, and told she would have to leave the casino... and the very expensive concert!

She explained to me that she was saved when the casino cop was distracted by 15 other women making a beeline to the men's room. That's when she escaped, she said, "Just like Dougie Berman!" She also told me that she then tripped and broke her toe on her way to her seat, due to wearing stiletto heels (probably not like Dougie Berman).

The question is, should I punish her, or does she have a future in public broadcasting?


Jill Kobeissi

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