Dodge Dart: Unobtrusive International Automobile

Sharon Holland sent the following letter

Dear Click and Clack,

After several years without a television, during which my sole staple of entertainment was public radio, I got married. After one year in which my sole staple of entertainment was my husband, we purchased a television.

We are avid fans of public television as well, and one evening whilewatching Full Circle with Michael Palin, I was surprised by an auto choice with which you are familiar.

Palin visited Bogota, Colombia, a city with the highest murder-per-capita rate in the Western Hemisphere and possessing the distinction of being one of the world's most dangerous cities. He joined up with a reporter who travels the dark and dangerous alleys ofthe city, investigating injustice, incurring the enmity of the drug cartels, risking his life daily and entrusting his safety to an automobile he described as "unobtrusive" and "reliable": a Dodge Dart.

While this intrepid reporter earned my respect by his selfless pursuit of truth and justice, I recognize that there comes a point where bravery becomes foolhardiness. You make the call.

Sharon Holland
Cincinnati, Ohio

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