Do I Need a Click AND a Clack?

Dear Click and Clack,

Since you seem so keen on wacko theories, I wanted to share with you my own, personal "theory of people." (That is, my own personal theory which was the original idea of a friend and colleague of mine.) This theory is most easily explained with a shopping analogy. Say I'm shopping at Macy's, and I find a red T-shirt with a pocket. While the shirt is very nice, I wouldn't buy it because I already HAVE a red T-shirt with a pocket, so I don't NEED another one. Another one would be superfluous and crowd my dresser drawer. Well, the same rationale can be applied to people. Let's say I'm walking down the street and I meet a half-Filipino, half-American male with a penchant for playing video games late at night and modifying his Subaru Impreza. Well, I don't need one of those, I already have one. He's called my husband, and believe me, one is plenty.

But this "theory of people" poses an interesting question... Is there really a need for both a Click AND a Clack? Think about it. If I already have one Italian MIT-educated mechanic spouting questionable auto advice on a public radio show and laughing at his own jokes, do I really need another? Do I even have room for another? I'm sorry to say it, but I think this theory renders one of you moot. But I'll leave it for you two to sort out who's relevant and who's moot.

Jennifer Scott and Jason Brewer