In Defense of the Puzzler

From: Aaron Murray

Dear Click and Clack,

This weekend I was listening to your discourse on my car radio, during which you read a letter from some crackpot complaining about the work habits of the Puzzler. After listening to his argument I was initially convinced that the Puzzler was a no good lazy roustabout. But then I started thinking. According to the estimates given, the Puzzler works for about three hours and then gets two months off. While this seems reasonable, in reality there is some deeply insidious logic going on. While the Puzzler does indeed work for only about three hours before it goes on "vacation," that "vacation" is really only a thirty-minute break! Since the Puzzler works only four minutes a show and misses just eight shows, there is no basis for making the misleading claim that the Puzzler takes a two month vacation. While checking the labor laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I find that the Puzzler's break, while somewhat generous, is not significantly above the mandated minimum for any worker. In conclusion, I feel that the Puzzler has been grossly maligned and perhaps has suffered permanent psychological damage and, at the very least, deserves an apology.

Thank you,
Aaron Murra