In Defense of MG Owners

From: Linda Hughes

I miss my '52 MG TD Midget more than life! Enough insults to the most beautiful piece of machinery ever created! The saddest day of my life was when I lost it in a divorce. An example of my love and devotion: One morning I arose early to drive my British Racing Green Beauty up into the Southern California mountains to watch the sunrise. Of course, as usual, we developed a vapor lock. We pushed it the rest of the way.

My friend and I were young and strong, and enjoyed the sunrise and mountain air immensely, counting it all joy. I would prefer pushing that car up a mountain much more than driving in any new-fangled cookie-cutter computerized, heartless vehicle. I can still hear the delightful click, click, click with the turn of the key before the starter is pulled, and the romantic owners' manual referring to the bonnet, et al. Count yourself blessed among all men to actually possess such a wonder!

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