Creative Psychiatry 101: How to Bill Your Patient(s)

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The San Francisco Chronicle

Monday, February 17, 1997

Multiple Reckoning

THIS WEEK'S reward for breathtaking ingenuity and enterprise goes hands down to Dr. Kenneth Olson, a psychiatrist who can pack an office with just one patient.

Nadean Cool, a former nurse's aide in Appleton, Wis., went to Dr. Olson for one-on-one treatment, but ended up with a $300,000 bill for group therapy.

The good doctor explained that Cool had 120 personalities, and he had to minister to not one, but multitudinous wild and wacky ids--including a duck, Satan and a few angels who liked to chat up God. Cool, who had no idea she suffered from multiple personalities, is suing Dr. Olson formalpractice, claiming he left her suicidal and haunted by false memories and an insane psychiatric bill.

Cool's insurer, Blue Cross--none too happy to find that her single-holder health insurance policy was supposed to cover an inner-space squadron--also is suing.

Dr. Olson's lawyer said Cool was a very troubled person who had been abused, and that the psychiatrist correctly diagnosed multiple-personality disorder.

So he charged each one. Makes sense.

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