A Couple of Embarrassing Moments


Last week I was at a B&B in Vermont, and I was brushing my teeth, when it slowly started to dawn on me that the toothpaste tasted a little funny. I ran out of the bathroom, yelled "Oh no," trying not to swallow, when whatever it was started foaming in my mouth. I frantically rummaged through the tubes in my bag, and discovered that I had just brushed with Preparation-H!

As I exploded laughing and spitting into the sink, I think my husband threw himself against the refrigerator and slid to the floor laughing.

Milford, New York

I was shaving in our half-bath bathroom, shaving soap out of an aerosol can, of course; when ready for the deodorant, I grabbed another aerosol can, sprayed liberally under each arm then discovered, to my dismay, that I'd just deodorized myself with black shoe polish.

Like yours, too, my wife laughed and laughed.

Vince Carpenter