Conflicting Car-O-Scopes

Dear Knuckleheads,

I hope you're satisfied with yourselves. You're almost breakingup my marriage after 26 blissful years. I didn't know I wasn'tsupposed to be driving a Toyota Corolla, I didn't know my "carma"was off, that I was a cheapskate, a wuss and a snob...andneither did my wife. I recently took your Car-O-Scope test andmy wife got into my e-mail, and now we both know. She suggestedwe go to a marriage counselor, but I'm too cheap to spend themoney, so I decided to e-mail you guys.

You see, the real dilemma is that my Car-O-Scope suggested I dump the Corolla and get a Dodge Colt Vista. My wife took the test and it told her to dumpthe Corolla for an Infiniti I30! We only have one Corolla, andone of us will have to be in bad carma. The question is, can anInfiniti-type person find happiness in a Dodge Colt Vista? Or doI also have to dump my wife?

Cheapskate in California

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