Chuck's bad day on the road

From: Charlie Akers

Gents, I am a long time devotee of your "lousy radio show." I listened for years while my friends, family, and my wife jeered. I stood my ground, listened, and took your advice. Now I regret it, mightily.

I recently encountered a female driver two cars ahead of me talking on her cell phone. When the light turned green I politely honked my horn and waited to go. After some time had passed I honked again, only slightly less politely. After more time had passed I turned on my signal, and went around the chatting lady at a reasonable speed. As I passed her car I suggested in an enthusiastic manner that she get off her phone and drive!

Well, she dropped the phone like it was on fire, turned on her lights and pulled me over. She was a cop! in an unmarked car!! So, I end up with a ticket for aggressive driving!!! Damn and blast! Here I am, a dedicated follower of Tom & Ray, and I get a ticket because some broad with a badge wants to chat while holding up traffic.

Thanks guys, now I got a fine, court costs, and eight hours of education ahead of me. You knuckleheads have led me astray and into a life of crime!!!!!


Charlie Akers