Cell Phone Justice

Hi Guys!

In light of your "Drive Now, Talk Later" campaign, my friends haveencouraged me to tell you what happened to me on my way home fromwork a couple of Fridays ago:

I was approaching an equipment rental business in my aging Dodgeminivan when a man who was talking on his cell phone (and pullinga small trailer with a ditch witch on board) pulled out of therental store parking lot right in front of me. I slammed on thebrakes and managed to get the Caravan stopped. Annoyed, I slammedmy hand down on the horn and held it there for a good while as hecontinued his LEFT TURN ACROSS A BUSY STREET! When I blew myhorn, he attempted to lift the middle finger of his left hand (thehand holding the cell phone while propped up in the open window ofhis Blazer) toward me, and in so doing lost control of the phone,which flew out his open window directly toward me.

Wait, it gets better! The phone flew a short distance, bounced and cameto rest just in front of me. As I rolled forward, I heard thephone crunch under the left front, then the left rear tire of the van(a feat I couldn't duplicate in a hundred tries!). As Icontinued, I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw the remains ofhis cell phone in a small pile of high-tech particles on thestreet. I can only hope the driver of the Blazer attempted toretrieve his phone. Moral of the story: There is justice in theuniverse for those who talk on the cell phone while driving!

Give 'em "what for," guys!

Bill Hobbins

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