Car Talk - The Video Game

Dear Tappet Bros.,

We think you are sitting on a potential gold mine. In addition to your talk show, web site and CDs, we think you should have a video game! Enclosed is a draft of ideas generated by your avid listeners, Forrest Rice (age 8) and Paxton Rice (age 5), and typed and mildly edited by Ellen Rice (age MYOB).

We will gladly receive all royalty checks. Input for game improvement from your listeners is welcome.


The Rices

The Car Talk Video Game
Forrest, Paxton and Ellen Rice

In the beginning there will be a screen with two guys on it with their names underneath ("Click" and "Clack", the Tappet Bros.). Use the arrows to choose a player. Both players have white shirts with brown overalls and brown hats. "Click" has racecar red tennis shoes and "Clack" has British Green tennis shoes.

Next step is to choose a tool. There will be a white box near the bottom of the screen that has different tools shown. Use the arrow to choose a tool. Choices of tools are screwdriver, wrench, pliers, hammer, oil can, drill, car jack, air bottle with hose attached, jumper cables, and a wallet with $200. Each tool comes with hints for car repair. For every $1,000 in the wallet, player gets off the hook for one car repair question. "Free" tools are hidden in some cars.

There is also a button to press to get help and instructions.

Now you are ready to begin Level One.

LEVEL ONE (you have six lives)

There are a line of cars to fix. You can choose Easy, Medium or Hard problems. You get an extra life for every car you fix, plus a money bonus for fixing more difficult problems. All the cars are convertibles. The player runs along, jumping into each car. A computer pops up in the convertible and shows a list of questions. For every five questions answered correctly, one convertible is fixed. Extra money earned can be put in the wallet.

In the Medium and Hard Level there are bicyclists that the player has to jump OVER. If hit by a bicyclist, you lose a life. If you jump ON the bicyclist, the bike becomes two bikes with two riders. The higher the level, the further the player can jump.

At the end if each level there is either a car that is damaged badly with lots of questions, or a guy on a motorcycle who tries to run over the mechanic. The way to defeat the motorcyclist is to jump over (dodge) the motorcyclist in five consecutive jumps.


The mechanic now must run through a maze through a mob of angry clients. There are dead ends. To get out of a dead end, you can throw out money from the wallet. If you are too slow, you will lose a life. At the end of the maze, there is a badly broken down car. Player must answer five of ten questions correctly to make the angry people go away. If all questions are answered correctly, money is returned to player.


The mechanic can go to the Auto Parts Store and must decide what quality of parts and/or tools to buy. Spend all of your money or just a little.


Level Three is a long dark tunnel to the attorney's office "Dewey Cheetham and Howe." The mechanic must have $2,000 to exit the attorney's office. If you don't have $2,000, then you must go to the oil changing pit and courtroom. Run and jump OVER attorneys, judges, and barrels of used oil. Jumping over an attorney earns you $200, jumping over a judge earns you $300 and jumping over a barrel of oil earns you $400. Jumping ON an attorney, judge or oil barrel will cause the character or item to double. Tipping over an attorney, judge or oil barrel will cost you $300.


The mechanic now has a time limit (three minutes for Easy, two minutes for Medium and one minute for Hard) to fix a motorcycle engine for a biker gangster. Succeed and the mechanic earns $1000; fail and the mechanic must pay $500 hospital bill.


To make the list of champions, the mechanic must finish all four levels and have at least $1,000 or seven tools in the toolbox.

The designers of this game are:

FORREST RICE, 8 years old, who invented the first screens, the help page, Auto Shop and most of level three and four. Forrest likes Car Talk, including the reruns.

PAXTON RICE, 5 years old, who invented most of level one and likes the idea of a line of convertibles.

ELLEN RICE is 18+ years old and invented the long dark tunnel to the attorney's office and the mob of angry clients. She also is a good typist and DEFINITELY thinks the Tappet Bros. should have a resident summer camp for boys.