Car Talk Promotes Physical Fitness

From: Ron Speir

Dear Click and Clack,

While countless listeners have learned that you guys know absolutely nothing about cars, very few know the one useful thing about your show: you promote Physical Fitness. While  preparing for my first marathon the past few months, I needed something to fill countless hours of pounding the pavement. Since you bill your show as a waste of a perfectly good hour, I figured why not! I downloaded many of your podcasts, set out on a run and repeated this torture every weekend. To my shock and surprise as the weeks went along, I found I was running faster and longer. I attribute this directly to your show and my desire to hurry up and finish the run so that I wouldn't have to listen to you two fools for longer than I had to! Perhaps you can parlay this testimonial into a fitness infomercial.

Seriously, thanks for filling the many lonely hours preparing to achieve my goal, which I did last weekend while listening to you guys.