Car Talk Car Tunes; Not Worthy of Thieves?


In early January our house was robbed while we were out of town. The thieves removed one laptop computer, our children'ssavings banks, and most of our many CDs. Our intruder left one box of CDs, containing my cherished collection of holidaymusic. In addition, they left a CD that happened to be in plain view on top of the CD player, the title of said CD, I am sorry to inform you, was "Car Talk Car Tunes," given to me for Christmas by my colleague, Bonnie. Obviously, our intrudersmade a conscious decision to leave this wonderful CD. Was it the cover? Was it the music? Did they judge it to have absolutely no street value? Or was it one of its songs, such as "Twenty Naked Pentecostals in a Pontiac"? Perhaps you and your listeners can divine what went through our intruders' minds. In the meantime, we hope you and the Department of Automusicology will not take offense.

Nelson Lee
Larkspur, CA

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