Can't Escape Click and Clack

From: Chris

Salve Tom & Ray,

Two Sundays ago, my wife and I were driving from Sorrento to Positano. It was a beautiful warm sunny morning, lovely views, three majestic cruise ships at anchor off Sorrento, Vesuvio in the distance, perfect temperature and we were on our way to have a wonderful lunch in Ravello, high on the cliffs above the Amalfi Coast. I thought perhaps a little musical ambience, perhaps some Neopolitan folk songs, possibly Puccini, may make the short journey all the more memorable. I turned on the radio and pressed the scan button.

My Milanese wife immediately exclaims, "How is it possible, questi gli due schemi Click e Clack!"

I glance at the radio dial and notice the liquid quartz display read "AFN." Yes, Armed Forces Radio was broadcasting Car Talk at exactly the same time on a Sunday morning as KQED San Francisco.

Here's the irony, when you signed off with "You've wasted another perfectly good hour listening to Car Talk," usually I whole-heartedly agree, but that Sunday I thought "No, I don't think so."

Now I am puzzled. Should I only listen to Car Talk when I am relaxing in a beautiful place? What about all the people who live in Newark New Jersey? Will they ever experience Car Talk as I have? Will I ever be able to duplicate this Nirvana again? So many questions, so little time!

Ciao Reggazze!