Bulwer-Lytton 2003 Winners

Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest: 2003 Results

Children's Literature: Winner

The Prince looked down at the motionless form of Sleeping Beauty, wondering how her supple lips would feel against his own and contemplating whether or not an Altoid was strong enough to stand up against the kind of morning breath only a hundred year's nap could create.

Lynne Sella
Susanville, CA

Romance: Runner Up

"Bring a bottle of wine and wear something uncomplicated - I'm in no mood for a struggle tonight," rolled from Jean-Pierre's lips like a bowling ball shooting up the return ramp, only to slow itself abruptly at the top before ka-whonking! into the balls already lined up there like all the lines she had heard before, and Sylvia knew at last that all the good ones were not married, gay, or in Mexican prisons.

James Pokines
Hickam AFB, HI

Romance: Dishonorable Mention

"Although Sara could believe the brassiere she had found was from a mix-up at the laundromat, that the lipstick on Bill's collar really had been from a cramped elevator, that the stiletto heel was indeed something the cat dragged in, when she pulled Chloe's unmistakable prosthetic arm from under the bed, she realized she had been played for a fool."

Nicholas R. Eaton
Saint Charles, MO

Science Fiction: Dishonorable Mention

She fumbled for her laser gun, knowing that the alien was eager to ravage her, unlike Captain Johnson, who wanted to take things slow since he was coming off the heels of a very painful divorce.

Wendy Burt
Colorado Springs, CO

Spy Category: Winner

Standing in the concessions car of the Orient Express as it hissed and lurched away from the station, Special Agent Chu could feel enemy eyes watching him from the inky shadows and knew that he was being tested, for although he had never tasted a plug of tobacco in his life, he was impersonating an arms dealer known to be a connoisseur, so he knew that he, the Chosen One, Chow Chu, had no choice but to choose the choicest chew on the choo-choo.

Loren Haarsma
Grand Rapids, MI

Miscellaneous Dishonorable Mentions:

After escaping the clutches of that crazy cult, it was going to take more money than that to start a new life, but still, for one day's work, 30 pieces of silver wasn't bad.

Lawrence Person
Austin, Texas

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