Bruce's theme song: Styx's "Too Much Time on My Hands"

Bruce Borgerson sent the following letter

Hey, Tom, here's mail!

Every time I hear a Toyota commercial, I'm struck by the irony. Here's a car company that prides itself on making reliable products, yet the ubiquitous new Toyota theme song is sung by a group, Sly and the Family Stone, that was notorious for not being particularly reliable when it came to showing up on time for their concerts.

I think Ford is doing much better. I'm a hard-core Who fanatic, so of course I drive a Taurus. But somehow I got ahead of the trend, since we leased our new wagon six months before the current commercials hit the airwaves. So how did I know Taurus was meant for Who fans? "I Can't Explain!"

And that got me to thinking about some great songs that could have been used for car ads in the past. What a shame, for example, that Ford didn't have Jim Morrison and the Doors singing "Light My Fire" on Pinto commercials. I suppose Suzuki could have used Chuck Berry's"Roll Over Beethoven" to promote the Samurai. And AMC Hornet commercials would have been the perfect showcase for Patsy Cline's "I Fall to Pieces."

I'm sure your other demented listeners will have similarly enlightened suggestions.

Bruce Borgerson
Ashland, Oregon

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