Boycott Car Talk!

From: Nancy F.

Here we go again - another summer of us waiting for the puzzler to come back from vacation. You've never explained why this has to be. So many of us plan our entire weekends so that we're near a radio to hear the puzzler and the previous week's answer, and it's not like you have a shortage of great puzzlers sent in by loyal listeners. (For example, you've never used the one I sent in three or four years ago...)

I've had enough of this needless denial of entertainment, and I expect that other listeners have, too. So I'm organizing a boycott of Car Talk. Let's all refuse to listen until the puzzler returns on a truly weekly basis! Let's make 'em sweat! Let's show 'em who's boss!

The only thing is, I don't have access to your audience to make that rallying call. So would you mind announcing the boycott for me? I think it really could work. Thanks.