The Benefits of Having Three Halves

From: Larry Waldron

Gentlemen (?),

I thought that you might enjoy the following:

My family and I live and work in Southeast Asia, Bangkok to be precise. One of our pastimes here is listening to Car Talk on Over the past three years my now seven year old son, Spencer, has become a great fan of both soccer and Car Talk. Therefore, it is no wonder that this past week the two became linked in his mind. Let me explain.

As the soccer season has progressed with regular practices and games, Spencer's physical conditioning has improved, and he is now better able to run the entire game than he was at the start of the season. Along with this new found stamina comes an increased desire for more playing time during the games. This past week as we discussed his most recent game, Spencer complained to me that the coach just wasn't letting him play enough. Then came the merger.

Having thought about this for some time, I believe, Spencer said to me, "Dad, why can't they make the game longer by playing a third half? Then I could play more."

Not having your show in mind in that moment, I began to explain to him that there are always only two halves to things. As you have no doubt surmised by now, his immediate rebuttal was to remind me that "Car Talk has a third half every time."

I don't know that the North Bangkok Soccer League will buy into this logic, but it may be worth a try for a seven year old who wants more playing time. Spencer is quite sure that if it works for Car Talk, it can work for soccer.

Thanks guys for a great show and for giving us a little bit of home away from home each week as we listen.


Larry Waldron
Bangkok, Thailand

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