Automotive Haiku for Car Talk Listeners

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Automotive Haiku for Car Talk Listeners

Mother driving boys,
Don't you make me come back there!
Dreams of birth control.

Funny sound coming
From deep inside rotting heap
Transmission rebuild?

Went for oil change --
Got transmission, clutch, muffler.
Bye-bye Oahu.

Five hundred dollars
For a lousy muffler job?
I smell boat payment.

School bus, tractor, tank,
Get better mileage than my
Chevy Suburban.

Electric windows
Were sweet, but now we desire
Heated leather seats.

Stall, rust, ping, sputter
Sleazy, rat-faced, dealer says,
Yeah, they all do that!

Street signs, why bother?
You cannot get there from here
In Massachusetts.

The deer, quick once, stops....
In headlights, the blink freezes.
Venison tonight.

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