An Amazing Fact


From: Dr. Earl Kilgore

I am a long time fan of Car Talk and have dreamed of calling in with a question. Unfortunately I was never able to come up with a question which I felt met the high standards which your program has maintained over the years.

Last week Saturday, however, while listening to advice being given to a caller with a probable heater core leak, I was excited to find that I actually might have a bit of information which Tom and Ray might enjoy knowing.

In 1958 the USS Nautilus, the world's first atomic submarine, suffered a coolant leak in one of its reactor cooling systems. When engineers were unable to find the leak, the commanding officer decided to try Stop Leak. Upon returning to port in Seattle, ship's engineers went into town "under cover" in civilian clothes and purchased 140 cans from various merchants. Half were added to the cooling system. Not only was the leak stopped...the problem never returned.

Once again the wisdom of Tom and Ray is proven beyond any possible dispute.

I learned this while reading a book when I was 12 (40 years ago). For some reason, this odd little fact has stuck in my head all these years.

Dr. Earl Kilgore
Clinical Psychologist
Paola, Kansas

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