March 14, 1994

Mr. Click
Tom Magliozzi
Car Talk Plaza
Box 3500
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02238
Dear Mr. Click:

You and your brother have provided me with many hours of wonderful radio listening enjoyment. But I am troubled by statements you have made on various occasions. You probably know the ones to which I refer. It is very wrong to state, even in jest, that the Space Brothers consume brake and transmission fluids.

Both of you, masters of terrestrial mechanics, should appreciate the great skills of the extra Terrestrial mechanics of the Space Brothers whose empyrean vehicles dash across the Cosmos like finely tuned station wagons. I am certain that you did not intend to bruit such nonsense on the airwaves. You are certainly good guys and do great sound effects. But, nonetheless, you must be cautioned about such careless and disrespectful remarks.

As, however, your remarks were unintentional, I am enclosing a DO NOT ABDUCT CARD to identify you to the Space Brothers as a special friend.

Respectfully, your humble fan and friend,

Breffny M.
Terrestrial Councilor to the Space Brotherhood
Evanston, Il.

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