Alex's Fiat

Poor Alex, he missed you so!

How heartless you two are, Tom and Ray! Don't you see the semi-pathetic, desperate plea for love and remembrance that is buried (not very far down though!) in Alex's rash purchase?

Think about it. You ALL went to Italy. You left poor Alex at home, well, in New York. He travels home to Boston and makes a quick purchase of an Italian car. Lord knows that would have seemed cheaper than a ticket and hotel room PLUS the emotional expense of confronting relatives who clearly did not want him around!

He bought a Fiat Spyder, guys!! Of all the cars in all the dives in Boston, he picked a Fiat!! Think about it. I don't know how old Alex is but the year of the model may have additional significance.

You should have taken the poor boy with you. The cost of therapy alone that he will need to overcome this rash purchase would have made it worth it.


A saddened listener.

[ As Read on Car Talk]