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Bailey's Auto Care Center

Mt Sterling KY,

Had the check engine light come on and the car made some vibrating noises. All they did was put it on the computer and charged me 45.00 to tell me they couldn’t fix it. Although the camshaft censor... read more

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Desi Auto Care

Stratford NJ, 08084

The crew is fabulous. Shawn and guys are genuinely nice. If you go here, and you have the repair need to be done, they will do the job right and you won’t have to come back. They are like their own... read more

Rich Fixit

Hackettstown NJ, 07840

This shop closed in the 2016 timeframe. Steve's Pit Stop Automotive is now in the same location.

Bolder Auto

Boulder CO, 80301

I found bolder auto to be over priced, untrustworthy and reckless in the quality of their advice when they performed body work poorly they refused to fix it

Midtown Auto Service

Houston TX, 77004

I don't just take my car anywhere but I know from hearing them on the radio here on CarTalk they know car repair. I like when they come on as a guest, because they are local here in Houston and have... read more

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