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Overseas Garage

Long Beach CA, 90814

Came in with a clattering sound and a VERY low oil pan. The diagnosis? The oil was causing the problem. My timing chain after the lifters collapsed. They didn't try to sell me anything else (I had... read more

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Grand Prix Services

Stamford CT, 06902

I've been using Roger now for the past few years. He's always been very fair and honest with us and his prices are very reasonable. The first time we used him was when my friend's 2000 Audi TT needed... read more

Broadway Automotive and Transmission

Oakland CA, 94611

Paul and Reece have been the saviors of our fleet for the last decade! With 4 older vehicles to keep running, we have always found them to be honest, fair, and live up to their commitments. They are... read more

Desi Auto Care

Stratford NJ, 08084

I had an emergency and brought my car '17 Porsche here. They are very helpful and honest. If you have any PORSCHE vehicle, definitely check this shop out!!!

J D Auto Center

Chestnut Hill MA, 02467

I have been using JD for about 6 years. They are the reason my now 14 year old car is still running beautifully. Last year, I noticed a clunk when I turned right. John discovered that two of three... read more

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