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Hickman Auto Service & Parts

Clive IA, 50325

leaking oil/fluid, etc. First replaced radiator, Pandemic interveened then replace 2 valve cover gaskets gaskets Also charged EXTRA $100 to get car back & forth

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Vimar Auto Repair

Winter Park FL, 32792

Great experience. Last week we drove our beloved Bruno, the Hot Rod Lincoln, through a bad Florida thunderstorm and it developed a loud squeaking under the hood that sounded awful. Since we were out... read more

Desi Auto Care

Stratford NJ, 08084

I only trust Desi Auto Care for my Land Rover Discovery. Quality +service+ price. I hardly write reviews but they deserve one from me and since I've entrusted Chris with my Rover for a lot of engine... read more

Hoffmann Automotive

Davis CA, 95618

Amazing service! Alway honest and helpful. I do not know what I am going to do when I leave Davis next year. I might just have to come back here!

C Highway Garage

Licking MO, 65542

Shop closed. Owner died.

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