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Desi Auto Care

Stratford NJ, 08084

First time at this shop. I have a Volkswagen Golf, it was driving fine then suddenly when shifting from 1to 2nd or 3 gear and upwards the engine wants to switch of while driving it only runs 100% in... read more

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Henry's Auto Service

Lodi OH, 44254

Be Careful! After several years of taking vehicles to Jeff to get worked on, he thought an appropriate thank you was to essentially steal $5500 (yes, you read that right—five thousand, five hundred... read more

Lances Auto Service

Freedom ME, 04941

Worst Mechanic experience ever. $60 for not doing any work. Tried to suggest we needed work on the vehicle that had already been done. Provided document with detailed information (totally ignored... read more

Abbott Auto

Milpitas CA, 95035

Very fair and reasonable. I called around for estimates before taking it to him. He was not only the lowest price, but the end result was lower than the estimate! Great work and very efficient. I'll... read more

Franklin Muffler, Brakes, and More

Franklin IN, 46131

Jimmy and crew take on any work on our vehicles that I don't feel like tackling myself. From simple oil changes, to completely rebuilding the front suspension on our SUV. Always fair and honest.... read more

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