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Fletchers Auto Repair

Brattleboro VT, 05301

I love this shop! They are hands down the best mechanic I have ever used. They are professional, shop is well maintained and their prices are very reasonable. I have never had an issue with their... read more

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Rider's Repair Center

Natick MA, 01760

Rider's Repair is the only repair shop I use. I've been going to the same mechanic there for 15 years. They provide old fashioned personal service, yet use the latest technology to work on your car.... read more

Coleman & Sons Garage

Holly MI, 48442

On 2/16 I paid $150 for a new battery that came with a 2 year warranty. On 12/17 my car wouldn´t start. It takes a bit of labor to access my battery in my car but after 3 weeks, was able to find... read more

South Main Auto Service

Austin MN, 55912

Been going to these guys for a few years. I'd trust them with my life.

Forign Affairs

Staunton VA, 24401

This is a great shop. They do quality work, have techs who *love* Eurocars, and have great service writers (especially Brian). Foreign Affairs has a scrappy fleet of loaners--I've had everything from... read more

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