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Emerald Auto

Bristol RI, 02809

I was told that my fuel leak issue had been fixed after three repeat visits for the same issue and that my car was safe to drive, that it "just needed to be driven" and when I got it back my car... read more

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Burke Auto Service Experts

Burke VA, 22015

I tried to hold off on writing a review because at least if they could correct their mistake, that would redeem them somewhat. But apparently they will not even attempt to correct it. My entire... read more

Affordable Tire & Brake Company

Portland OR, 97214

I've taken my car there twice and each time something new was wrong when I picked it up that wasn't wrong when I dropped it off. One of them could have been a pre-existing problem, but the other... read more

The Auto Shop

Modesto CA, 95350

Have had two of my vehicles serviced by this store recently and both were done promptly and for a reasonable price. I will continue to have them repair and service my vehicles. I highly recommend... read more

Phoenix Auto of Ithaca

Lansing NY, 14882

Screwed up replacing timing belt which resulted in car needing to be sent elsewhere for extensive repairs. Was treated like garbage because I'm a female. Had to walk over 10 miles home after they... read more

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