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Prestige Complete Auto Service

Cedar City UT, 84721

dishonest chris holmes (owner) and his two little helpers are like a bad joke - they should be parking cars or flipping burgers - they took me for $500.00 not count the money I had to spend to... read more

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Dons DI Service Full Service Auto Repair Shop

Las Vegas NV, 89169

Great honest shop. They’ve been around for years. My family has been going to Dons DI for 3 generations.

Four states tire and service

Durango CO, 81301

Great customer service and friendly mechanics. Always willing to go above and beyond for my family! Thanks guys!!!

Like-Nu Auto Body Repairs

Chester NH, 03036

Always reliable and effective diagnostics and service, whether routine maintenance or repairs.Top quality auto-body work. Expert mechanic who can / will work on all makes and models.

Kocur Krew Automotive

Gladwin MI, 48624

When me and my fiance bought a truck from Kocur Krew it was bought under the understanding with the owner, that the only thing wrong with the truck was the exhaust pipe needed to be properly sealed... read more

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