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South Main Auto Service

Austin MN, 55912

Been going to these guys for a few years. I'd trust them with my life.

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Forign Affairs

Staunton VA, 24401

This is a great shop. They do quality work, have techs who *love* Eurocars, and have great service writers (especially Brian). Foreign Affairs has a scrappy fleet of loaners--I've had everything from... read more

West Salem Auto Repair Incorporated

West Salem WI, 54669

honest and reasonable billing

Rich's Auto Air Conditioning and Repairs

Sarasota FL, 34237

I do not do business with this company. I never have, and after this review, I never will. I have received well over ten messages (from who I presume is Rich) over the course of about two weeks. I... read more

Don's Automotive Repair

Austin TX, 78704

I have been a customer at Don’s Auto for 15-20 years. On Dec. 15, my car had a breakdown which required a multi-day, multi-thousand dollar repair. Don could not complete this huge repair before his... read more

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