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Bob Zegers Auto & Truck Rebuilders

Green Bay WI, 54303

The name of this shop has actually changed to DeJardin Truck and Auto Repair. I originally went with Bob Zeger off of the recommendation of a coworker. She had mentioned she specifically liked... read more

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Norcross Auto & Truck Repair

Norcross GA, 30071

Started using this site in 2017 as it's near my work. Brandon and his team are WONDERFUL! Family-owned business. They get my car in and out FAST (usually less than 1 day). They also have several... read more

Desi Auto Care

Stratford NJ, 08084

I took my 2007 Land/Range Rover HSE here for the first time based on recommendations from other Rover owners on an on-line Land Rover forum. It needed a major air suspension and gear box repair. The... read more

Brakeman's Auto Repair

Jamaica Plain MA, 02130

Ray is honest. If my car doesn't need a repair job, he will say so. Ray uses quality parts. I feel safe driving my car after getting the brake done here. He also has an affordable rate for his... read more

Trans Tech Auto & Truck

Colorado Springs CO, 80907

after taking my car in their the guy did not check his work. my clutch burnt up in less than a week. i started a case on him already. I have the clutch in hand. I have testimonials in hand. this guy... read more

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