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Silverdale Auto Works

Silverdale WA,

We arrived in Silverdale on a Friday around 5 PM after a long trip during which we started hearing a chirping sound in the engine compartment. No auto repair shops were open on the weekend and we... read more

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King's Transmission

Renton WA, 98055

we took our propane run, 350 Chevy engine in to get a service as we are new owners to it. 10 days later we get it back $1500. we plan a road trip for the weekend and completely loose power 20 miles... read more

Mr. Tire Auto Service Centers

Hendersonville NC, 28792

I have a company truck that uses a fleet account to pay for maintenance that is only accepted at certain shops. When I started with the company, I was told by coworkers that I could take my truck to... read more

Del's Automotive

Macon GA, 31204

Best place in Macon to take your car. Honest, dependable And actually know how to fix things, Not just swap out parts

Beyer Motor Works, Incorporated

Chandler AZ, 85226

I had the worst experiences with this company and would never, under any circumstances, recommend their services.

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