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Water Star Motors

Santa Cruz CA, 95060

Took car to my mechanic when the Check Engine light came on. They read the code and told me it wasn't life threatening, so I decided to let my daughter take the car and get it fixed at school at... read more

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Nordgren Automotive

Hamel MN, 55340

Friendly, honest. Gave timely updates on the work; called promptly to say it would be late when a part didn’t arrive from their supplier. Noted noise coming from power steering pump but didn’t... read more

Prestige Complete Auto Service

Cedar City UT, 84721

bad deal very dishonest - lying chris holmes and his two helpers are worthless and will just take your money

Browncroft Auto

Rochester NY, 14625

Been trusting Bob and his crew for over 30 years, knowing he will fix it right and it will done when promised unless something unexpected comes up ( I have had a few mystery aliments over the years... read more

Doc's Place

Jackson NJ, 08527

While Doc only works on Toyota cars, I find him one of most honest and knowledgeable mechanics. He works from his house and his labor rates are much lower than any Toyota dealer.

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