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Al De Mark Auto Service Inc

Colorado Springs CO, 80903

the address is 525 e fountain blvd

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Walt Eger's Service Center

Hanover MD, 21144

Came in with what turned out to be a $400 problem with the alternator. Charged me $130 to tell me that I need to spend $2600 to $5500 taking apart the engine and maybe replacing it. Even if I had... read more

Desi Auto Care

Stratford NJ, 08084

I went to German Auto to see if he could diagnose a very elusive oil burning issue on my Land Rover Discovery HSE. Andrew and Mike were extremely knowledgeable about the particulars of HSE and asked... read more

Minnetonka Auto Service

Minnetonka MN, 55305

Took a Lexus SUV in for a pre-purchase inspection. Very thorough including a road test, which not all shops do. Took about an hour, which is typical. Charged about half what other shops do.

Desi Auto Care

Stratford NJ, 08084

They are place of integrity for sure. I brought my Volkswagen Beetle in when it was at that awful middle aged (92K Miles) point where kind of everything starts breaking down and Ryan breathed new... read more

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