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Joel's Automotive

Hendersonville TN, 37075

These guys are great! I called around to several (at least six) different auto shops for estimates regarding a check-engine light. Joel's Automotive was the ONLY one who didn't charge to diagnose... read more

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Felipe's Auto Repair

Brewster NY, 10509

I was very disappointed with the work and charges for my car repairs. First of all to charge almost a $100.00 for the labor to replace a battery is extremely high for any standards. Second of all to... read more

Hopewell Tire & Auto

Athens GA, 30607

I would not recommend Hopewell Tire and Auto Repair for ANY mechanical work. They showed the highest level of deceit and the lowest level of professionalism that I've ever experienced. On top of... read more

Airport Road Auto Center

Charlottesville VA, 22911

UPDATE... after several phone calls with the manager of Airport Auto, Chris Snead, he decided to issue a refund given my experience. This is absolutely unheard of; he went above and beyond any... read more

Jamro Automotive Service

Rochester NY, 14611

Lies above as usual.....drama story on clutch. Great shop!

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