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Jaq's Garage

Moorhead MN, 56560

I bought a van from Midwest Motors and More next door but I had JAQ's do a pre-purchase inspection first. They told me a sway bar link was loose which costs $150 and a muffler hanger needed to be... read more

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Hoffmann Automotive

Davis CA, 95618

I loved the inspection list (it showed what was satisfactory, what needed to be monitored, and what needed attention). I really appreciated the honesty about what absolutely needed to be done now and... read more


Louisville KY, 40202

I have a 2011 MINI Cooper Countryman S. Not realizing that when I got the car, that there are very few mechanics that know how to work on a MINI and when my car began to have issues, finding a... read more

Electron Automotive

Orange CA, 92856

Buyer be ware! I had my prius towed to this shop, which is located 15 miles from my home, because they offered to do a free inspection and let me know if the car was worth fixing. They gave me a list... read more

Desi Auto Care

Stratford NJ, 08084

Power steering went out on my Jaguar XF. John was quick to diagnose and fix the belts responsible for the issue. They were upfront about the cost estimate. I realize many issues cannot be solved in... read more

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