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Searsport Automotive

Searsport ME, 04974

Good mechanics. Fixed a difficult issue with my Honda Civic in 2017 for a reasonable price. Their address as of May, 2020 is 148 E Main St, Searsport.

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Quality Automotive

Madison TN, 37115

Excellent service! They knew exactly what they needed to do and did it. Very reasonable price, great turn around time, and very knowledgeable.

Hoffmann Automotive

Davis CA, 95618

Everything was fine. Excellent service.

Hoffmann Automotive

Davis CA, 95618

As always the shop is reliable and consistently excellent in their repairs.

Steve's Automotive by Galleria

Houston TX, 77056

Worst place ever! I will not come back! They greet you very nicely but beware, they will not tell you any prices before doing the work. Every single car shop I have been has notified me of the prices... read more

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