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Zeagler Auto Svc Incorporated

Columbia SC, 29205

Very sorry to add a negative review for a shop I used happily for many years. But an extremely costly misdiagnosis came at a critical time, such that I was saved from having a head needlessly... read more

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Lowell's Independent Toyota, Lexus & Scion Service

Lexington KY, 40507

I expected better. Took my Toyota Sienna for tune-up etc. Took my car in Wednesday at Monday. My appointment was for Tuesday morning. The job takes about 2 - 3 hours. Finally about 3pm I... read more

Independent Volvo Service Inc

Albuquerque NM, 87102

I've taken my Camry and a series of Volvos to IVS for many years. They are competent, reliable, and honest.

Z Auto

Hadley MA, 01035

As others stated, this is a 1 man shop that I have used exclusively for over 20 years. I have referred dozens of people to him, all with great results. Unlike larger shops, the hours are more limited... read more

Howard Motor Corporation

Williamsburg VA, 23185

I lived in Williamsburg from 2009-2017 and used this shop for several years because I found them on this site. I agree with their high rating, they were always polite and reasonable. They didn't... read more

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